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Orthodontics for Adults

Today’s technology allows adults to use orthodontics and have an attractive and healthy smile.

Options for the braces

At Advanced Orthodontics we are always at the vanguard to be able to offer you the best techniques and the finest quality materials.

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    Lingual Technique

    For those patients who do not want their braces to be seen

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Comfortable Consulting room


We offer a networked system to confirm appointments, also you’ll receive a treatment report from us to track and follow up your treatment.

Virtual Check In

Own check-in at the reception´s desk at arrival. Entering to our network system and you’ll receive reminders for future appointments and information about the progress of your treatment via e-mail.

Waiting room

People who accompany you will have a pleasant time in the beautiful and comfortable waiting room equipped with entertainment games. They may also enjoy the courtyard if they prefer to be outdoors.


Alternativa sin Brackets

This is an alternative to the braces, without metal and imperceptible to the eye. It consists of a series of aligners made with top-of-the-wave technology to move your teeth in a progressive manner.

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