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Advanced Orthodontics in Nogales

Designing bright Smiles for over 20 years
Doctor Enrique
Master of Orthodontics
Certified by the Board of
Mexican Orthodontics
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All kind of treatments

Orthodontics for all ages. Dentalfacial Orthopedics, Orthognathic Surgery, Interdisciplinary Orthodontics, State of the art Orthodontics. Treatment of Cleft Lip and Palate. Also, Teeth whitening and Dental Sealants.

We take care in all aspects

We follow all international guidelines to keep you safe. Focusing in the patient’s well being, our installation is outfitted with an equipment and instruments special sterilization area.


Designing Shiny Smiles


At Advanced Orthodontics we are always at the vanguard to be able to offer you the best techniques and the finest quality materials.

Teeth whitening

Discover the natural color of your teeth that have been stained by the passing of time and the food we ingest like tea, coffee, wine, or by the use of tobacco.

interdisciplinary Orthodontics

In addition to our Orthodontics specialty, we team with different dentistry specialists to treat those cases that require an interdisciplinary treatment.

Sleep apnea

High-precision equipment is used to determine the grade of the apnea and the efficiency that the intraoral device can have in avoiding the collapse of the respiratory tract.

Orthodontics Kids and Teens

Cool side of orthodontics

In the waiting room we have some electronic games, a foosball and patio if you prefer to be outside. When you do get your ckeck-in on the computer at the reception. Once you enter the network system, you will receive a reminder of your next appointment via email, and also information about the evolution of your treatment.

There are several options when selecting your braces, there are conventional metal, the sapphire (aesthetic and transparent), gold, and the self-ligating lingual. All materials quality and very safe for your health.

Wild Smile Brackets

The funniest thing about the metallic braces is that you can personalize them with these shapes: Football, Flower, Star, Heart, Soccerball and Super-Diamond designs.

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    Wild Smiles

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    Wild Smiles

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    Wild Smiles

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    Wild Smiles

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    Wild Smiles

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    Wild Smiles

Orthodontics in Adults

Options for the Brackets

Today’s technology allows adults to use orthodontics and have an attractive and healthy smile.

At Advanced Orthodontics we are always at the vanguard to be able to offer you the best techniques and the finest quality materials.


Alternative without Brackets

without Brackets

The obvious choice for a brighter smile.


You can remove the eating or a photo.

Facilitate Hygiene

You can remove the to brush your teeth, eat and cleaning with your dentist .

Any problem of Orthodontics

The Invisalign system is clinically approved mitigates the most complex pathologies.

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